Monday, December 26, 2011

"The Artist" A dog gone great movie.

Luke has a special screening of "The Artist". It is a modern day silent film that takes place during the era where movie switched from "silent" to "Talkies". It followed one dogs master, George Valentin, who struggled his transition from a Silent Movie Star to a nobody that was snubbed for fresh new faces. Although most did not realize it was due to his french accent as to why he was dropped (if anyone know cinema history this is why many actors and actresses were dropped).
Any how the actor who played the dog is named Uggie. A nine year old Jack Russel terrier who has been seen in other films like "Water for Elephants". In "The Artists" he plays the faithful companion of George Valentin and co-star in many of his adventure spy films. Uggie is always at his side no matter what and that is very heart warming. You can see the emotional personality and intelligence he has to his co-star. Uggie plays a constant important role in this film and ironically without "the Dog" the movie would have lost much its enduring charm. Luke and the Pound Puppies gave it 5 paws up and a big tail wag!

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